Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Birthday Today!

So, today is my birthday....I'm 44.

Couldn't afford a premade cake, so Duncan Hines it was!

The cake didn't look so great, so I'm not including a picture of it (I messed up the top when I inverted it....left it on the pan too long, so the top peeled, I'm old enough to know bettter than that don't ya think?!).

Anyway, so when the icing went on, cake got mixed up in it, it's kind of gross looking...but tastes good!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday...Duncan Hines is the best anyway.
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ordinarymomss said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

Thanks for posting on my we have somethings in common.

Hey btw I had to BUY my OWN bday cake LOL. I wasnt really for me anyway though. I knew my 6 yr old son would not be happy if I didnt have a cake.

Lyla said...

Happy Birthday (a little late!). We're the same age - I just turned 44 in October.

To celebrate, I left you an award over on It's Five O'Clock Somewhere. Stop by and check it out!


Marrid66 said...

I'm alittle late but Happy Birthday.

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Cinnamon Henke said...

Happy Late B-Day! I just had my 32nd B-Day last week and I did not even have a cake! I'm bummed about that lol