Monday, October 13, 2008

Wrinkles In Time

So, I am turning 44 this November and I have become quite obsessed with wrinkles, especially on my face and hands.

Admittedly, I have not taken care of my skin as I should, so I should not have been blind-sided by the appearance of "crows feet" and "laugh lines".

Before I turned 40, I'd always managed to look younger than my age, but had a rude awakening at the Wal-Mart the other day.........I had to go get my husband some chewing tobacco (I know I'm an enabler,but my husband has been unable to work since last December since he is having so much back pain...he doesn't hardly ever drink alcohol, isn't abusive, etc, so I oblige)

ANYWAY...I was at the Wal-mart customer service ordering the tobacco...the young cashier starts to ring it up and it automatically pops up with the display on the register that says something to the effect..."does customer appear older than 40?" without hesitation and no asking for i.d., she went right on through the question. Quite a blow to the old ego!!!

Can someone please pass the wrinkle cream!?!


lori said...

Ouch! But the kid probably thinks everyone over the age of 30 looks "old".

Darn kids!

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Mommy Mia said...

I can relate-they used to card me every time I went to the casino-up until a couple of years ago. I am now going on 42 and have a 20 month old. Keeps me on my toes-but I guess I just look "older". The nurse at the doctors office always asks if I am mom.
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Kim said...

I can relate....and I'm really starting to hate it. What happen? When did we get old?
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Marrid66 said...

Boy do I understand what you mean. I feel older than dirt.

Pamela said...

Sheesh, just wait until you turn 55 like me! I've gotten over it, I can't afford plastics so it is what it is. LOL
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Lyla said...

We're the same age - I turn 44 on Saturday (Oct. 25th). I can definitely relate!!

You've been tagged! Go to my blog and check it out!

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ordinarymomss said...

Ohhhh no!!!!!! Stupid cashier!

I too have neglected myself and the signs are really showing! I did buy some night cream its just doing it.